Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Read: Afterlife (A Discovery of Vampires #1)

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When Fleur and Louisa are orphaned and forced to stay with their horrible aunt Petiniua their lives are turned upside down. Aunt Petiniua a witch of a woman sends the sisters off to Miss Madisons Academy for girls where they endure physical pain and violence . However Louisa escapes with a dashing magician who happens to be a vampire and leaves Fleur to look after herself . Fleur vowing revenge on Jacques St Cloud leaves Miss Madisons house of horrors and finds herself faced in the midst of a dangerous romance with a dashingly handsome young vampire Daniel. 

I can't remember where I found this book; however, I'm sure it's the cover that drew me in.

The guy looks like a cross between Daniel Radcliffe and Chace Crawford. Sold!

I liked the beginning of the story. The narrator sounded awesome and pretty much reminded me A Series of Unfortunate Events (narration-wise).

I was holding on to my seat and felt butterflies in my tummy when I was reading about Louisa and Jacques and then they disappear.. together with my grasp of understanding the story.

It went downhill after they were thrown out of the school.

I couldn't even feel the connection between Fleur and Daniel. I felt like it was rush.


Unfortunately, I think  I got the supposed unedited online copy which has a number of typos and whatnots. 

I am hoping to read the next book though just to see what happened to Louisa and Jacques.

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