Sunday, March 31, 2013

Face Mask of the Day: Nature Republic's Given By Nature Rose Hip Mask Sheet

Aigooo... As always, my apologies for the lack of update. I am currently nursing my health.

Anyhoo, I haven't bought anything new recently as my money goes to my meds instead. However, as I have been a horder, I still have a lot of stuff I have not tried yet and this mask sheet is one of them.

I am currently using it while I'm typing this. LOL.
This mask sheet is sold at Nature Republic boutiques for P65 ($1+).

Per the packet, this is a mask sheet with the active ingredient of rose hip to make your skin firm and smooth.

I was surprised with the mask sheet itself. It felt a bit stiff but it's nearly transparent. I was thinking that this would make it sturdy.

But nooooo...

Can you see the tears? That's what happened when I tried to move it to fit my face.>.< A bit disappointing really.

It smells just like roses but not really empowering. Which is good for me since I am not much of a fan of the smell of roses.

Below is the ingredients list and directions for use if you're interested to know.

And this is how it looks like on me

The formula includes alcohol but I honestly did not feel any stinging. It's surprisingly gentle.

And any part of the mask sheet that actually got in contact with my skin feels dry now meaning it got absorbed already. Woohoo! Even EH mask sheet didn't get dry this fast on me.

This is how the mask sheet looks like after I used it. Lots of tears. Hahahaha.

I hope that it doesn't sound contradictory since I said it did get absorbed by my skin fast but after I removed the mask sheet, my face felt sticky-ish? Hahaha.

I feel like I've applied cream already.

Overall, I like that it was soothing and no redness happened.

I didn't like that the sheet teared easily and heavy after feeling.

Smooth face? Check. Firm skin? Uhmmm.. i need to use this a lot more to say something about skin firming.

It's worth a try.^^

PS the sticky feeling is slowly diminishing.:)8

Monday, March 11, 2013

Haul: Nature Republic

I've been meaning to buy a body lotion for a while now and the one I wanted was from Nature Republic.

Unfortunately, Etude House blinds me from buying elsewhere, so when I remember to drop by NR my budget is already spent at EH. Pfft.

So since Etude House Philippines has yet to release their new Pink card, I decided to visit Nature Republic at The Block.

What is awesome with Nature Republic is that you have their membership card, you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase.

They also have very nice GWPs which are mostly products.

Last time I received an ample sized facial cleanser.

And as much as I love the courtesy GWPs from Etude House, I would like to receive more product freebies to I'd get to know if they suit me or not.

This doesn't stop me from splurging at EH though.

Today I managed to take home the following:

• Breeze In Body Lotion in Asian Garden - P265
• Pretty Tree Autoliner in #1 and #2 - P145 each
• Given By Flower Mask Sheets x3 - P55 each
• Given By Nature Mask Sheet x2 - P55
• Style Shot Matt Wax (for my brother) - P295

For any purchase you will receive 1 sample of Moist Steam Cream. Again, per the SA that's any purchase.

For a minimum of P1,000 spent you will get a packet that includes a Mask Sheet, Emulsion, and the Moist Steam Cream.

For the sample packet, you have the option to choose from 3 packets. The one I got has a Snail Therapy Mask Sheet and The First Emulsion which is meant for whitening.

Another packet has a Mask Sheet with Jang Geun Suk and The First Emulsion, while the other packet has an Aqua Mask Sheet and an Aqua Emulsion.

And until March 31, 2013, for every P2,000 purchase you will get a Flower View Gel Liner.^^

Oohhh and for the Wednesdays of March, you can get a 10% discount on skincare, face, lips, and eye makeup. Beauty Essence card holders will get additional discounts. (Aahhhh! Why did I see this just now????) Purchase a minimum of P1,000 and you get a Panda Zero Waterproof Eyebrow liner.

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