Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I did not expect

Blogging from my iPad, Juno. I'm still disappointed that I can't find a Blogspot app for Blackberry. Pfft.

Anyway, today is pay your bills day. Lucky me, I still have a few pesos to spare.

I've passed by the L.A. Colors kiosk at the mall a number of time; however, I have not actually stopped to check on what they offer.

Trolling around the net, I have found that L.A. Colors offer quality make-up that would not hurt the budget.

I am only familiar to the world of make-up to an extent. I do not know what "value for money" is when it comes to this.

For me, if it looks and feels nice, then it's good enough for me.

I've also been meaning to buy a cotton candy colored lippie. I was supposed to buy one from Nyx (since there's also a Nyx kiosk at the mall), but I was hesitant to spend P300 for a lippie that I actually have no idea if I will conyinue to use.

So here comes L.A. Colors to save the day!

I do know that they're quiet cheap, although I never expected for the lipstick to cost just P99 (roughly $2).

So I got the lipstick in Pink Parfait (and a nude colored one as well) since I don't think I'll regret spending P99 for a lipstick (it's cheaper than the P300 one from Nyx).

I just tried it out a while ago thinking that it probably look like shit on me.

Lo' and behold, I actually liked the way it looked on my lips!

I liked the way it glided on, I was thinking that I'd end up with chapped looking lips, but I didn't.^__^v

If you're on a tight budget, you may want to try this brand out.:)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Naruto SD - Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden

LOL. I'm sorta "reviewing" episode 8, which means I skipped blabbing about the 7 episodes prior. Mwahaha. I was actually hoping to blab about this but I'm pretty much a lazy person.

So have seen up to episode 8 (should I refer to it as episode or chapter? since there are two episodes in one chapter. Ok, I'll stick with episode).

I forgot where I first saw this, but this is the only show I watch constantly this Spring 2012 line-up (Fairy Tail doesn't count since it's not a new show.).

Anyway, if you didn't know, Naruto SD Rock Lee is a spin-off series of the show Naruto. This one's light hearted but informative at the same time. By informative, I mean if you have stopped watching the original Naruto series (which I did), you would still know who da fuq they are talking about because they delve on who a certain character is in the main series).

Now depending on the episode, an episode may focus on one character or an episode may focus on two different characters per part. It depends.

The show mainly focuses on humor. It's pretty much a hit or miss thing. Personally, the start of part 1 of Episode 1 was funny so I continued laughing and watching. Unfortunately, watching Lee evade golden shitpoo get a tab bit boring and irritating. The episode 1 was saved because of part 2, when they showed the rivalry between Lee and Naruto. Seeing Lee try using jutsu, albeit, he actually can't use it was hilarious (imagine him trying to recreate Naruto's sexyjutsu).

Pros: Funny. Light. Watch Neji make a fool out of himself.
Cons: Humor can be a bit dry and trying hard art times.
Will I continue to watch this?: Hell yes! I need to see more Neji!!!
Recommendations: I recommend people to watch this one if you are curious about Naruto but would rather not watch the main series.
Rating: because moe Neji compensates for everything.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Feeding my addiction

Due to the amount of energy I have to consume when working, I have lost the time to read actual books.

Although, I am only stressing on time to read; I have all the time to buy books. I actually have a lot still in their bags (whether paper or plastic) where I got them.

Of course buying books requires one to spend, and spending leaves one a little less riches than before. In my case, I've been spending on books which I have not found the time to read.

For this year, I am pretty much on a tight budget because I'm juggling with paying for 4 gadgets. Hence, I usually weigh things out if I'll be buying a book or just get a copy when I actually have the cash to spare.

Most of the time the statement, "I'll just buy you some other time" is the constant winner with my internal battles.

I love books. I seriously, seriously, seriously love them. So it usually breaks my heart that when I enter a bookstore I am unable to buy what I want.

Then came along my iPad, Juno --

Yes, that is Nura Rikuo in his night form. I am currently fangirling over him!

Juno is a 16gb wi-fi only iPad2. I had no need for an iPad 3 (or the new iPad). On the side note, if they call the iPad3 "the new iPad" what the fuck are they gonna call the next one after? The new iPad 2? Seriously?!

All I wanted is a tablet where I can play my games, load my ebooks, and read my manga. I had no need for 3G either since we have wi-fi here at home and for most of the places I go to.

Ever since I got Juno, my love for reading came back and I have been planning hoarding books from here and there.

Unfortunately, due to the internet filtering thing, the amount of trusted places where I get my ebooks have either been deleted or are deleting the materials themselves.

Although, I do understand why they have to do that; it just gets really frustrating when I really want to read something but I cannot leach it off of the internet.

However, if there's a will, there's a way had become my mantra.

I currently have 100+ ebooks at my disposal and I am adding more when I find them from my usual resources. I am lucky enough to have friends that are bookworms like I am, so I have other sources to help me feed my addiction.

You can check out my bookshelf (be it virtual or physical books) via Goodreads or you can check out the list of ebooks I have through here.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

So yes, I will babble about Fifty Shades of Grey.

However, before I start, I would like to inform you that I do not know how to "critic" a book or how a certain material should be written. I'm peculiar with grammar and spelling; that's it. I also do not know how to "rate" a book from 0 stars to 5 stars. What matters to me is that I was kept entertained by the material. 

Now that that's out of the way...

As a Twilight fangirl, I do read fanfiction. Most of what I read are M rated as I find the T ones too bubbly pop for my liking. I entertain T rated materials when they are bound and printed (I believe I just said a pun). Errr... I am one of the many who have read the fanfiction Master of the Universe.

Master of the Universe (which we shall MoTU from hereon) is a Twilight fanfiction written by Snowqueen's Icedragon. If you haven't heard, MoTU is the fanfiction equivalent of Fifty Shades of Grey and Snowqueen's Icedragon is E.L. James' pen name.

I cannot remember if I stumbled upon MoTU in a community or by checking out the favorites of other fanfiction authors. Although, I'm pretty sure that I read this after I read The Submissive (err.. it's another Twific).

MoTU is a romantic read with a twist. I have ever the slightest idea of what BDSM is; but this one is about a college girl who meet this business mogul for an interview because her friend had the sniffles. Little did she know that said business mogul is hiding a dark red room of pain.

While reading the fic, I did skip some of the sex scenes because sometimes it gets too much, I guess? Like I just read that they fucked a few lines before, now they're at it again?

The story got me hooked. It covered the bases to keep me interested and anticipate when the next chapter will be posted.

As this is a Twilight fanfiction, one cannot ignore the comparison and the talks of copyright issues.

Albeit the use of well known characters, the parameter of the story belongs to James. Do you get that people? I'm not trying to take sides.

I do understand how fans would get pissed off by the fact that this was patterned after their beloved characters; although, people should understand that this story revolved around an All Human cast.

They may have showed some of the characteristics of the characters but they did not act like they were exact copies of their characters in the original Twilight books.

When she was writing MoTU, it was never in her mind that her work will eventually get published (well, until the middle of it all).

Readers of MoTU should be at least thankful that she finished the whole thing before pulling it out of the universe to get published (works in progresses being pulled out just to get published is not a new thing in the Twilight fanfiction universe, believe me).

MoTU is E.L. James' work. She may have originally used the Twilight characters in her work but this is why it's called FANfiction. It's fiction made by fans. Get the drift? If you have read MoTU or even Fifty Shades, would you really think that Twilight Edward would act like that? Really? So yeah, fuck us all.

She changed the character names when she got printed. She didn't use Edward or Bella; she used Christian and Anastasia. The comparison of the characters most likely manifested because it was never a secret that Fifty Shades was a Twilight fanfiction; because people know that Christian was Edward and Anastasia was Bella.

If you didn't know this fact, would you really think that this couple was originally the lovers of the Twilight Saga? Yeah, I don't think so.

Edward may have known what a flogger is but he would never have used it on Bella. She might've liked it a little too much as she would've humped him any chance she got.

I cannot blame the people who rated Fifty Shades with a 1 or lower than that and said that this was all bullshit and whatnot. Hey, to each their own. A certain may not have liked it and others may have loved it; it depends on you.

I have enjoyed this work when I was still imagining the Twilight characters as its main cast. For me, the way they acted was far off from their original counterparts. The had little to compare except for the way the look. The only time that I constantly imagined them as the Twilight cast was when I needed to imagine them they way they would look like; not how they acted.

I would like to point out that as much as I loved MoTU; I am a bit disappointed with Fifty Shades.

How can I be disappointed over Fifty Shades when it's pretty much like a ctrl+F replace kind of book?

That's exactly it. I know it's her story and its her characters; but I've already read about this in MoTU.

There were hardly changes between the two books.

Reading Fifty Shades of Grey is like reading MoTU just with different character names.

Why would I pay for something that I have already read for free?

Because MoTU is awesome.


I am giving Master of the Universe a 4 because it was epic win
and Fifty Shades of Grey a 2.5 because there's nothing new about it (I love it still, though)
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